"The thought of having a website seemed like an impossible dream. It was on my wish list to be accomplished within the next year or two. Then my husband suggested Ernie Booth and EABNet Website Design & Hosting. Within a month, I had an active website. My website is easy to navigate, unique, fast loading and professional. I am completely satisfied with my website and with the service provided by EABNet. I recommend EABNet to anyone wanting a website for business or personal reasons. Ernie is professional, proficient and knowledgeable. He is quick to answer my questions and make changes or additions to my website. "
Michelle Parker
Fiction by Michelle

"In a market such as Hawaii, it's critical to not only show the strength of a national organization, but perhaps more importantly, a strong commitment to the local market and culture. Ernie understood this need and worked well with us in our efforts to develop a web site that has a "local" Hawaiian feel to it. For example, when people visit our site, they can see pictures of our building and our staff so that when they come to apply, they have a comfort level established. Ernie was great to work with. He guided us through the development process with an easy "template" to follow and made good suggestions when we were unsure. We were very pleased with the results, and are now hearing positive comments from both employees and customers."
Cathy Grossu - owner
Westaff - Honolulu, Hawaii

"We have been very happy with the quality and service that we receive from Ernie. The site is updated almost instantly at our request and integrates well with our corporate site. As part of the service Ernie provides us with quarterly site traffic reports that we consider beneficial. We have received a number of compliments regarding the look and ease of use from both clients and employees. Eabnet's pricing structure fits our budget well. We would strongly recommend Ernie to other affiliate offices looking to create a local website."
Michael Guenard - Business Development Manager
Westaff - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"Several years ago I asked Ernie Booth of EABNet Website Design & Hosting to design a web site for both my Newport News & Norfolk offices. While making a sincere effort to drive both applicants & business prospects to the site, we've gained a tremendous amount of exposure. We receive an average of 15 applicants per day that are of a much higher caliber than those that that we used to get through newspaper classified advertising. We also have gained a number of new clients that have all their questions answered from the information summarized on the site - allows us to present the services we provide concisely & thoroughly. As our corporate office has changed their web site look, Ernie has in redesigned our pages to conform with theirs. They look professional, are easy to navigate & are coordinated with Westaff's corporate web pages. The Online interview page is frequently the starting point of our application process for many of our new employees. The site is instrumental to our daily operations & tells both applicants & prospective customers what Westaff has to offer."
Chip Booth - owner
Westaff - Newport News and Norfolk, Virginia